Wool Fabric; Saviour for Winters

When winters arrive, the only thing that saves a man is the woolen fabric. Woolen or wool as it is commonly known is the most preferred fabric all throughout the world to save one from toe freezing chilly winds.

Wool fabric is believed to have been discovered during the Neolithic Age where people used to wear animal pelts as their clothes or attire. When these clothes were found to be comfortable and at the same time durables, the Neolithic men started to develop various tools for making the wool fabrics. And if historians are believed, a full fledged wool fabric was developed during the 4000 B.C. where Babylonians were found to don wool fabrics.

wool fabric

Sheeps are considered to be the primitive source of wool fabrics. With the emergence of trade across the border, wool fabrics was one of the most traded commodities during that time. Looking at the fact, people started to raise and maintain the herds of sheep.

There are two major sources of processing of wool. These are:

Shearing- in this process the hair or the wool of the sheep are sheared once in a year. This is usually done during the spring times.

Grading and sorting- in this process the hair or the fleece or the wool is graded into different types of fibre and then again sorted into different quality of fibres. The quality may vary on the basis of durability of the fabric.

wool fabric by yard

It is a misconception amongst the people that it is only the sheep that is the source of the wool fabrics. But it is not true. Various other animals like camels, goats and rabbits are also primary sources of the wool.

In the period of globalisation, pure wool fabrics have emerged as one of the most primitive trade options. Countries like the United States of America, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand and many European countries are considered to be the foremost leaders of the trade in wool fabrics. When it comes to the exporting of the wool fabrics, Australia’s name emerges as the leader of the board.

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