Understanding the world of Bagh Printed Fabrics

Printing on the fabric has been in fashion for a long long period of time. It is nothing new as we see it today. People in the past used to love printed outfits. Some of the famous printing styles include block printing, bagh printing, ajrakh printing, shibori printing and many more. However, today we’ll focus more on Bagh printing. Bagh printing is also one of the forms of block printing only.

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Historical Background of Bagh Print
Bagh printing on fabrics is considered to be one of the most ancient printing techniques. It has been in existence since the time of Alexander the Great. However, limited evidence also traces the history of Bagh prints to Indus Civilisation. If the evidence is to be believed, then it would not be wrong to infer that printing blocks have been used since 3000 B.C.

It is believed that this technique was brought into public domain by some Khatri households in the village of Bagh, India. Due to migration, the culture of bagh printing shifted to areas of Marwar region of Rajasthan and Manavar region of Madhya Pradesh.

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How bagh printing is done
Bagh printing is not at all different from a traditional block printing. Like Block printing, bagh printing also involves use of teak woods and dye. The only difference between the traditional block printing and Bagh printing is that bagh printing involves floral and geometrical patterns. On the other hand the traditional block printing involves general designs and patterns.

Bagh printed fabrics
Bagh printed fabrics are mostly famous in the subcontinent regions. It is their soft and comfortable fabric along with beautiful designs that make them one of the most sought-after apparels. These fabrics are so popular that you can even buy the bagh printed fabrics online.

These fabrics are not only used to make fashionable outfits but also other materials like bed covers, cushion covers, table covers, mats and runners. However, this fabric is most commonly used to make ladies suits, sarees, kurtas and dupattas. Another factor that contributes to their high demand is that it uses eco-friendly products. This factor has gained the bagh printed fabrics popularity all over the world.


The journey of Block Printed Dresses

When one hears India, what comes to mind is the land of diversity. In the land of diversity, we have diversity in cultures and traditions, diversity in weather conditions, and diversity in fashion styles. Fashion is directly linked to weather conditions. During the summer times, one would prefer to opt for light and breezy outfits. On the contrary, during the winters people would go for something that protects them from chilly frost winds therefore they’ll prefer woolen fabrics. 

With technology catching up with the pace, fashion styles are crossing boundaries with the snap of fingers. What is trending in America will tomorrow start trending in Japan. What is trending in the Northern Continent will start trending tomorrow in the Southern Continent too. What no one can deny is the usage of Indian fabric in every outfit. This is because of the comfort they give, the quality they present, and the variety they offer. The hand block printed dresses have been in demand for a long time and continue to be a top trend amongst fashion lovers. 

Block printing technique is not a new concept in India or anywhere around the world. It has been one of the most ancient art forms of craft visible in the world. Block printing craft when marries the Indian dresses ends up creating fabulous results. This sounds very interesting, so is the art to make it. The designs on the blocks are purely based on the creative mindset of the craftsmen. This is visible from the designs molded on the teak blocks. These teak blocks are carved into various designs and patterns. 

Something fascinating needs to be stated here. The hand block printing on Indian dresses is not constant throughout India. You will see that designs and patterns on the dresses for women will vary in every part of the country. Designs and patterns in North India are way different from the designs and patterns in Southern India. Similarly, designs in eastern and western India would be poles apart.  Block print dresses are readily available. One can find the best quality of hand block printed dresses online with just one click.