The Rayon Touch of Modal Fabric

In our lives, at least once, we might have come across a unique fabric called the Modal fabric. This is a semi-synthetic fabric because it is made with a combination of organic and synthetic raw material. The primary material to prepare the rayon fabric is cellulose from trees like the birch and the oak trees. These are hardwood trees. 

History of Modal Fabric

Modal fabric is representative of evolution in the field of textiles. It is one of the classic examples of how the revolution takes place in the textile industry. We have all learnt that revolution is a result of need. Similarly, in the past Rayon fabrics were expensive and beyond the reach of common people. Also, the process to prepare the same was very complicated. People needed something that matches the characteristics of a real rayon and was not expensive and at the same time, it was easy to produce. As we said earlier, a revolution is a result of the needs of the people, a revolution struck the textile industry. In the mid 20th century, Japan came up with what is known as Modal fabric that matched the characteristics of a real rayon. It was easy to produce and was less expensive. 

Preparation of Modal Fabric by yard

The process to make modal fabric is very interesting. It begins with harvesting of trees where the cellulose from har trees like the birch and the oak is extracted. The extracted cellulose is then prepared in the form of the sheets. The sheets of cellulose are then dipped or immersed in the solution called caustic soda. After that, the cellulose sheets are dipped in an orange substance called sodium cellulose xanthate. This is the stage where the modal fabric loses its quality of being organic material. This stage onwards, the cellulose or the modal fabric is considered to be an inorganic or a synthetic material. 

Although the process is much simpler than preparation of a real rayon, it still takes a toil on the weavers who work day in day out to bring to you the best quality of modal fabric by yard. The popularity of the fabric has grown manifolds. This is why now you can easily buy modal fabric online as well. You are just a click away to have the best in class modal fabric online.

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