Emergence of Ikat Fabric

One thing that every person be it of any age or size or gender loves is fashion. Everyone wants to match their styles with the fashion statements in vogue. Some may like a simple fashion and some may like designs and patterns. When it comes to designs and patterns, one thing is printed fabrics. However, another famous designer fashion is the Ikat or Ikkat. This is a method of fabrics being dyed in different glittering and beautiful colours. of dyeing usually done on silk or cotton fabrics which results in fabric bathed in beautiful and glittered colour patterns.

Ikat Fabrics

Ikat fabrics involve a tiring and exhausting process where the yarns or threads of different fabrics are first dyed up in different colours followed by a process of drying them up. Then these dried threads are separated and combined with different other threads which are dyed up in different colours to make one single fabric. The process seems to resemble the process of Tie and Dye however they are poles apart from each other. In Ikat process, the yarns or the threads are weaved into fabrics at a later stage. The Ikat fabrics have their origins from the state of Odisha and are most popular to make sarees.

If one is to trace the history of the Ikat process, one can find that the Ikat have their origins in India and more prominently in Odisha. Odisha is considered to be the home of Ikat Fabrics.

Ikat Fabrics by the yard

Ikat fabrics are best known for sarees. These fabrics are usually woven to make beautiful designer sarees which are exported all throughout the world. Ikat fabrics are usually made through three types of processes, that being Wrap Ikat or the single ikat, weft ikat and the double ikat.

Ikkat cotton fabrics have had their demand rising manifolds in the past many years. It was first in the 12th century that this technique began to make its mark however it lost its midas touch in between. However, now in the present scenario again the Ikkat fabrics have seen a high demand all throughout the world. Not only in India, but Ikkat has been seeing a high demand from various other countries as well.


Wool Fabric; Saviour for Winters

When winters arrive, the only thing that saves a man is the woolen fabric. Woolen or wool as it is commonly known is the most preferred fabric all throughout the world to save one from toe freezing chilly winds.

Wool fabric is believed to have been discovered during the Neolithic Age where people used to wear animal pelts as their clothes or attire. When these clothes were found to be comfortable and at the same time durables, the Neolithic men started to develop various tools for making the wool fabrics. And if historians are believed, a full fledged wool fabric was developed during the 4000 B.C. where Babylonians were found to don wool fabrics.

wool fabric

Sheeps are considered to be the primitive source of wool fabrics. With the emergence of trade across the border, wool fabrics was one of the most traded commodities during that time. Looking at the fact, people started to raise and maintain the herds of sheep.

There are two major sources of processing of wool. These are:

Shearing- in this process the hair or the wool of the sheep are sheared once in a year. This is usually done during the spring times.

Grading and sorting- in this process the hair or the fleece or the wool is graded into different types of fibre and then again sorted into different quality of fibres. The quality may vary on the basis of durability of the fabric.

wool fabric by yard

It is a misconception amongst the people that it is only the sheep that is the source of the wool fabrics. But it is not true. Various other animals like camels, goats and rabbits are also primary sources of the wool.

In the period of globalisation, pure wool fabrics have emerged as one of the most primitive trade options. Countries like the United States of America, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand and many European countries are considered to be the foremost leaders of the trade in wool fabrics. When it comes to the exporting of the wool fabrics, Australia’s name emerges as the leader of the board.


Endless life of Cotton Fabrics

Pure cotton fabric is one of the most fabric amongst the fashion lovers. It is not a new thing. Cotton fabric has been the first preference not only in the present times but for several centuries. Cotton fabric is the first in line where all fashion starts.

Pure cotton fabric is the first choice amongst the fashion industry because it can be worn plain as well as supports various forms of designs on it and that too with ease. 

What is common around the world is the printed cotton fabrics. Demand for pure cotton fabric with printed designs is so high that one can buy these cotton fabrics online easily. Printing on the pure cotton fabric are done with various method, some of which includes:

  • Hand block printing, which is the first and widely used method for printing on the cotton fabrics. This method is also one of the oldest methods of printing on pure cotton fabric. This is the most artistic method amongst the other methods since it gives an elegant design to the cotton fabric however the only drawback of this method is that it is a time consuming process since each block has to be embossed on the pure cotton fabric in a very clinical manner.
  • Next in line is the roller printing method which has its traces in Scotland. Roller printing method is a mechanical process where the fabric passes through machine and inked laden rollers which print designs on cotton fabric.
  • Another famous method is screen printing which is the most commonly used method at present for printing on the fabric. In this method, ink is made into a paste and then printed on the fabric with the help of little gaps in the screen.
  • Next is bleaching is also one of the methods in which fabric is first dyed and then bleached in order to print the design.
  • Stenciling is the way in which stencils are used to print designs onto fabrics.
  • Wax printing is a method which involves using wax to print designs on the dyed cotton fabrics.

Another contributory factor to the immortal high demand of the cotton fabric apart from its design is the fact that these are eco-friendly material and are really soft to the skin. Pure cotton fabrics are fashionable for all sorts of seasons.


Night Suits; Feel the blend of comfort and Fashion

Fashion has surpassed the contours of boundaries today. Therefore fashion is the most volatile thing one can imagine today. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that “in the world of temporary, Fashion is the most temporary thing”. Women have a number of fashion options to don during the morning or the day time. But are there any options for the nights? Can nights be made as fashionable as the days? And we say “yes” it can be with fashionable night suits. 

Night suits for women have become a new style statement for all the fashionistas around the world. Night suits are an obvious choice for fashion because of the primary factor that is the comfort factor. And when one couples this comfort along with style, walah, you have the best of style statements. 

night suits for women

Night suits for women have seen a lot of change throughout their life cycle. Everything started with women choosing to have full length gowns along with some accessories which shifted to laces, fires , feathers and much more. In today’s time, block print night suits are the new contemporary. Women prefer to block print night suits because of their simple and sobre looks and comfortable fabrics.

Everyone wants to have a good night’s sleep and therefore they choose to wear something really light and comfortable. Night Suits for women have distinct types and  patterns depending upon the choice of the wearer. Someone would prefer to wear a Pyjama and a shirt and on the other hand some people prefer to wear loose gowns.

block print night suit for women

There are a lot of brands in the market that have started dealing with the Nights suits online. Today everyone believes that night suits for women are the new contemporary style statements. There are many factors why people prefer to buy block print night suits online and one of that factors is the fact that each block print on the night suit is done by hand by each craftsman which gives them an elite and perfect touch. If style and comfort are placed in one box, you get the best of styling material for yourself.


A Look Inside the World of Block Print Kaftans

In the world of globalization, fashion has been changing at the snap of a finger. However what has not changed even during the globalisation is limited options for summer wear. It is not easy to keep up with the fashion statement during the dry sultry summer season. Women have their hands tight when deciding about how to keep up with their style statement in the summers. But after the introduction of the Kaftan dresses the options have multiplied manifolds. Every woman thinks of comfort and what else suits best to the word “comfort” than kaftan dresses. These have become so important to fashion lines that now fashion traders have started selling kaftans online.

Speciality about Kaftan
High demand for Kaftan dresses can also be attributed to their variety. The Kaftan dresses come in various styles and most important and famous amongst them is block print Kaftan. The block print kaftan dresses represent diverse cultural identities and cultural heritage influences of various traditions. What contributes to their high demand is that these kaftan dresses are made manually and not by any machine. This enables the crafter to maintain a natural touch and give elegant and novel designs to the Block print kaftan dress. The beautiful block print Kaftan dress is prepared with wood blocks. It becomes absolutely necessary to point out that at least about five carvers take somewhere around two days to prepare a design in a teak block which is used as a printing component on the Indian block print Kaftan. The designs that are made on the blocks are not fixed and are based solely on the imagination and desire of the block-carver that he wishes to imprint on the fabric. Each design and pattern has its own detailing that cannot be achieved with machine printed blocks.

End use of Kaftans
Kaftan dresses have another use as well. They are also used as nightwears. This is due to the factor of Comfort that the kaftan dresses give. Who does not wish to have a good and comfortable sleep during summers. For the ladies, Kaftan dresses are the best option to use them as nightwears.


Liven up your fashion with Ikat Fabric

Ikat or Ikkat is a technique of dyeing usually done on silk or cotton fabrics which results in fabric bathed in beautiful and glittered colour patterns. Origins of ikat fabric can be traced to the state of Odisha. The Ikat cotton fabrics have a unique method of making. Ikat fabric is, before they are woven into fabrics, are dyed and binded into different threads.

The process of weaving Ikat fabric in India starts with the yarns which are dyed in various mesmerising colours and then the yarns are suitably dried out. After finishing the dye process, the threads or yarns are separated and are woven into the fabrics. While weaving the yarn into Ikat fabrics, different beautiful patterns are made. This method looks to be simple but in reality it is an extremely complex method because the maker of Ikat fabric has to place the yarn accurately to form the right pattern. Ikat fabrics in India are made using the following three weaving methods:

  1. Wrap Ikat/ Single Ikat
    To create ikat fabrics by this process, either wrap yarns or the weft are dyed into various different colours. This ikat fabric technique is also known as Single Ikat fabric.
  2. Weft Ikat
    In this process, the Ikat fabric has both warp yarn and the weft which is used together in different parts of the fabric.
  3. Double Ikat
    Double ikat fabrics usually involve both warp and the weft yarns which are tied in a precise manner so that the yarn, when it meshes from both the axis with each other, the Ikat fabric shows a complete pattern.

Ikat fabrics are known for sarees but apart from it, Ikat Cotton fabrics are also used to make shirts, one pieces, fashion accessories.

The art of Ikat fabrics has exploded out of borders of India and it has gained recognition throughout the world because of their different designs and patterns and mesmerising art play of colours. Ikat fabric is amongst the style statements in the fashion world in today’s scenario. Despite Ikat Cotton Fabric being as old as 12th century technique, it has passed the test of time and has not faded away with time. Western civilization has also started to recognise ikat fabric.


Sneak Peek into the world of Indian Artisans

Indian artisans are the backbone of India’s non-farm rural economy. Indian fabric industry is known throughout the world for its master class artistry work. One of the most famous places is the Indian Artisans of Rajasthan. Indian Artisans of Rajasthan are recognised for their  Royal craftsmanship. 

Indian artisans from this part of India are known to make the most novel block printing designs and patterns. One of the famous designs is fabric dyeing which is known to belong to the Chippa caste of Rajasthan. In this famous form of block print fabric artistry, the fabrics are decorated with mirror embroidery and then after the fabric is dyed, it is wooden beaden. 

Another important feature of Indian artisans of Rajasthan is the Decorative pattern that adorn all surfaces in Rajasthan. Who can forget the Rabari caste artisans, the most famous Indian Artisans group in Rajasthan. We still have glittering images of the clipped camel pattern that is novel to Rajasthan. In this form, patterns are imprinted on the hide of the camel, which are taken place during the Pushkar festivals. The Rajasthani craft industry is a symbol of the identity of India with many of its styles well known throughout the international market.

The craft of Hand block printing is one of the finest and most recognised crafts throughout the world. One such form of block print fabric art is the Bagru print fabrics. The Indian artisans are known throughout the world for this traditional craft where fabrics are printed with natural colours. Bagru print fabrics employ wooden blocks in it. In the process, the desired design is engraved on the wooden block first and then the carved block is used for replicating the design in the preferred color on the fabric.

Finally no one can forget the famous Minakari art which is one of the traditional crafts of the Indian Artisans of Rajasthan. What is exciting about this art is that it is done by fusion of individual pieces which are made out of colored glass powders. Minakari fabric is used in countless items like bells, fruit baskets, key chains and other products.


Beauty of Silk Fabric

Silk fabric is a natural fiber produced from the cocoons of mulberry silkworm via a process called Sericulture. The history of Pure Silk fabric can be traced to Indus Valley Civilization between 2450 BC and 2000 BC.

 silk fabric online

The famous techniques to process pure silk – degumming and reeling, are believed to be taken from the Chinese technology. The yarns produced from the process of sericulture are used to weave a variety of textiles.

Silk fabric is also known by various names such as ‘Paat’ in East India, Pattu in South India and Resham in North India. There are 5 major states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal from where raw pure silk is produced.

The variety of silk fabrics online encompasses within its folds as many varieties as innovation can produce. The special feature of each variety of silk fabric online is that each variety produced has a specific usage and its properties are well distinguished from other types. The best example of this is Azlon which is used for manufacturing felt hats and overcoats.

Presently, art silk or imitation silk made out of pure silk fabric is a popular demand of the fabric industry because of its easy availability and innumerable usage. Pure silk fabric usage is not only limited to the base material of clothes and fabrics, but it also extends to manufacturing things like parachutes, umbrellas etc.

One of the reasons for high demand of silk fabric online is that silk fabric has a unique shimmering appearance. It has a triangular prism-like structure that allows the pure silk fabric to refract the lights producing various colors in different lights and also giving the fabric or the dress a very elegant look. What also contributes to the high demand of silk fabrics is the availability of silk fabrics online. Nowadays, Fashion lovers prefer to shop silk fabrics online as they get it delivered at their doorstep. Silk fabrics online available includes various forms of silk tanchoi silk, garad silk, matka silk, banarasi silk and mulberry silk to name a few.

Another contributing factor why the fashion lovers prefer silk fabrics online is because of the fact that silk fabrics are pretty much easy to maintain. This is because it is a natural fiber and has a smooth and soft texture. The elasticity of a pure silk fabric is poor and therefore if it is stretched; it takes the shape as it is.