2021 Summer Uniform for Work from Home – Kaftans

With work from home being the tradition now and this being a long-term culture now, loungewear has become of prime importance. Many renowned companies worldwide have now shifted their focus to the loungewear section and how to introduce more comfortable clothing for the users. In India, fashion is driven by Bollywood celebrities. During the lockdown, many celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Dia Mirka, Neha Dhupia have been seen wearing kaftans. The breezy long kaftans have then become the favourite for pregnant ladies. Maxi dresses were anyhow popular but the freestyle kaftans have become the latest fashion and a must-have for the ladies irrespective of the age group. Bringing comfort has become the key to fashion houses after this trend has seen a huge surge during the lockdown. Apart from applying a face mask, baking and indulging in favourite activities, what is wearing what at home has become the talk of Bollywood with gram-worthy pictures.

Brands with a focus on Indian ethnic wear has taken this trend in a very responsive manner and have introduced a line of Kaftans in their summer collection 2021. We see all the major brands now having a dedicated section for Kaftans. The ability of this dress to transform from comfortable leisurewear to party wear has what appealed the people more. You can be in your comfort zone without being judged or adding extra effort with accessories or add on clothes. It’s one simple dress and you are done with your look.

Another trend now a day is showcasing Indian cultural prints. Rajasthan being the house of cultural dress and many artisans who follow the age-old art of block printing, and various printed patterns, the same has been introduced in the kaftan lines. The clothing line has evolved and this change has been a fresh welcome by the ladies. If you are planning to buy kaftan online, you will see a huge range of kaftans of various lengths and prints. When it comes to length, we are also seeing huge demand for kaftan tops. The string at the waist and the option to fix it per the size has made it more popular among the ladies where size differences are huge. The sleek look with either being V neck or a round neck adds to the charm of the dress the overall look of the person wearing it. One does not have to accessorise it. You either wear it with jeans, a trouser or a palazzo, it looks flattering equally in all forms.
We also see many of our customers wearing kaftans with skirts especially the ones in top and kurta form. Trust us when we see such styling it encourages us more to deliver new patterns and designs and understand the huge potential market of kaftans. Keep sharing your gram pictures tagging us so that we can add those in our styling tips and designs to come in future.


Block Printed Kaftans; A Perfect Summer Wear

We all know how fashion has affected global markets. Fashion statements are not restricted to one state or region. It has jumped off every possible boundary. Its global presence has made it vulnerable to rapid changes. Therefore we see that in today’s time fashion statements are changing constantly. With a snap of finger, the latest trend becomes a yesterday thing. But nothing has changed the love for kaftans for women. Women still love donning this beautiful outfit. And why not? When dry and sultry summers hit the deck, it is the kaftan that saves the fashion lines. Stylish, trendy and most comfortable during the scorching summer heat. This loose outfit feels comfortable and breathable during the sweaty weather. 

block print kaftan online

Block printed Kaftans

You can find a variety of kaftans online. Women have various options to buy kaftans online. However, the most sought-after kaftans are the block printed kaftans. There would hardly be any wardrobe that does not possess a block printed kaftan. Why are block printed kaftans one of the most preferred outfits? What makes them into all wardrobes? The answer to these questions is very simple. It is the traditional method to make the block prints on the kaftan that attracts every one. The traditional method involves usage of wooden teaks and dye to make blocks on the kaftans. The block printing is based on the creativity of the weaver. He is the one who thinks of the novel designs and patterns and then carves them out on the wooden teak. Block printing involves ardent focus while carrying out this technique because there is not even a minimal scope of mistake. 

Apart from the designs, what makes this outfit most sought-after one is that you can use kaftans as night wears as well. Owing to their comfortable and loose character, this outfit makes a perfect choice for the nights. With this, you can stay stylish even in the nights. Again when the body is looking for breathable outfits during the summer nights, kaftans are the best option.

If you still don’t own a block printed kaftan, you are missing out on a major style statement.  


The journey of Block Printed Dresses

When one hears India, what comes to mind is the land of diversity. In the land of diversity, we have diversity in cultures and traditions, diversity in weather conditions, and diversity in fashion styles. Fashion is directly linked to weather conditions. During the summer times, one would prefer to opt for light and breezy outfits. On the contrary, during the winters people would go for something that protects them from chilly frost winds therefore they’ll prefer woolen fabrics. 

With technology catching up with the pace, fashion styles are crossing boundaries with the snap of fingers. What is trending in America will tomorrow start trending in Japan. What is trending in the Northern Continent will start trending tomorrow in the Southern Continent too. What no one can deny is the usage of Indian fabric in every outfit. This is because of the comfort they give, the quality they present, and the variety they offer. The hand block printed dresses have been in demand for a long time and continue to be a top trend amongst fashion lovers. 

Block printing technique is not a new concept in India or anywhere around the world. It has been one of the most ancient art forms of craft visible in the world. Block printing craft when marries the Indian dresses ends up creating fabulous results. This sounds very interesting, so is the art to make it. The designs on the blocks are purely based on the creative mindset of the craftsmen. This is visible from the designs molded on the teak blocks. These teak blocks are carved into various designs and patterns. 

Something fascinating needs to be stated here. The hand block printing on Indian dresses is not constant throughout India. You will see that designs and patterns on the dresses for women will vary in every part of the country. Designs and patterns in North India are way different from the designs and patterns in Southern India. Similarly, designs in eastern and western India would be poles apart.  Block print dresses are readily available. One can find the best quality of hand block printed dresses online with just one click. 


Night Suits; Feel the blend of comfort and Fashion

Fashion has surpassed the contours of boundaries today. Therefore fashion is the most volatile thing one can imagine today. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that “in the world of temporary, Fashion is the most temporary thing”. Women have a number of fashion options to don during the morning or the day time. But are there any options for the nights? Can nights be made as fashionable as the days? And we say “yes” it can be with fashionable night suits. 

Night suits for women have become a new style statement for all the fashionistas around the world. Night suits are an obvious choice for fashion because of the primary factor that is the comfort factor. And when one couples this comfort along with style, walah, you have the best of style statements. 

night suits for women

Night suits for women have seen a lot of change throughout their life cycle. Everything started with women choosing to have full length gowns along with some accessories which shifted to laces, fires , feathers and much more. In today’s time, block print night suits are the new contemporary. Women prefer to block print night suits because of their simple and sobre looks and comfortable fabrics.

Everyone wants to have a good night’s sleep and therefore they choose to wear something really light and comfortable. Night Suits for women have distinct types and  patterns depending upon the choice of the wearer. Someone would prefer to wear a Pyjama and a shirt and on the other hand some people prefer to wear loose gowns.

block print night suit for women

There are a lot of brands in the market that have started dealing with the Nights suits online. Today everyone believes that night suits for women are the new contemporary style statements. There are many factors why people prefer to buy block print night suits online and one of that factors is the fact that each block print on the night suit is done by hand by each craftsman which gives them an elite and perfect touch. If style and comfort are placed in one box, you get the best of styling material for yourself.


A Look Inside the World of Block Print Kaftans

In the world of globalization, fashion has been changing at the snap of a finger. However what has not changed even during the globalisation is limited options for summer wear. It is not easy to keep up with the fashion statement during the dry sultry summer season. Women have their hands tight when deciding about how to keep up with their style statement in the summers. But after the introduction of the Kaftan dresses the options have multiplied manifolds. Every woman thinks of comfort and what else suits best to the word “comfort” than kaftan dresses. These have become so important to fashion lines that now fashion traders have started selling kaftans online.

Speciality about Kaftan
High demand for Kaftan dresses can also be attributed to their variety. The Kaftan dresses come in various styles and most important and famous amongst them is block print Kaftan. The block print kaftan dresses represent diverse cultural identities and cultural heritage influences of various traditions. What contributes to their high demand is that these kaftan dresses are made manually and not by any machine. This enables the crafter to maintain a natural touch and give elegant and novel designs to the Block print kaftan dress. The beautiful block print Kaftan dress is prepared with wood blocks. It becomes absolutely necessary to point out that at least about five carvers take somewhere around two days to prepare a design in a teak block which is used as a printing component on the Indian block print Kaftan. The designs that are made on the blocks are not fixed and are based solely on the imagination and desire of the block-carver that he wishes to imprint on the fabric. Each design and pattern has its own detailing that cannot be achieved with machine printed blocks.

End use of Kaftans
Kaftan dresses have another use as well. They are also used as nightwears. This is due to the factor of Comfort that the kaftan dresses give. Who does not wish to have a good and comfortable sleep during summers. For the ladies, Kaftan dresses are the best option to use them as nightwears.