Eco-Friendly World of Bagh Print Fabrics

When we hear about block prints, images of teak blocks and dye appear in our minds. We tend to relate block printing with the traditional methods of block printing. But did you know block printing has its own variety? Block prints are of various kinds. You might have come across the kalamkari art form that is done using a pen and bagh printed fabric. In this article we will discuss the bagh printing. Bagh printing or bagh print fabric by yard is one of the forms of block printing technique that has been in existence for a long time. The oldest traces of Bagh print by yard can be traced back to the times of Alexander the Great. 

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Let us discuss a little about the history of bagh printed fabrics. It is believed that this art form took birth in Sindh region, now in Pakistan. Talking about India, you will find the impressions of Bagh print fabrics in the Marwar region of Rajasthan. Apart from Rajasthan, you can also find bagh print fabrics in Manavar region of Madhya Pradesh. It shifted to the areas of Madhya Pradesh when the artisans from Rajasthan started to migrate to Madhya Pradesh looking for better opportunities for livelihood. If you find the bagh prints in the Pethapur area of Gujarat, don’t be surprised since some of the traditional weavers also shifted to Gujarat.

What is Bagh Print?

The next question is what Bagh prints are? Why is it so famous amongst fashion lovers? Bagh printing is like traditional block printing technique. It uses the traditional wooden teak blocks and dye to impress block prints on the fabric. The only difference between bagh prints and traditional block printing is that unlike traditional block prints,  bagh prints are mainly focused on geometrical designs and patterns. 

Where are bagh prints used? 

Bagh prints are famous for their comfort and soft factor. Therefore, you will usually find them being used as a fabric for bed covers, cushion covers and table covers. In the outfit line, they are used for sarees, kurtis, dupattas and skirts. The demand for bagh prints have been at unprecedented heights. Now you can easily buy your favorite bagh prints fabrics online. 


Understanding the world of Bagh Printed Fabrics

Printing on the fabric has been in fashion for a long long period of time. It is nothing new as we see it today. People in the past used to love printed outfits. Some of the famous printing styles include block printing, bagh printing, ajrakh printing, shibori printing and many more. However, today we’ll focus more on Bagh printing. Bagh printing is also one of the forms of block printing only.

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Historical Background of Bagh Print
Bagh printing on fabrics is considered to be one of the most ancient printing techniques. It has been in existence since the time of Alexander the Great. However, limited evidence also traces the history of Bagh prints to Indus Civilisation. If the evidence is to be believed, then it would not be wrong to infer that printing blocks have been used since 3000 B.C.

It is believed that this technique was brought into public domain by some Khatri households in the village of Bagh, India. Due to migration, the culture of bagh printing shifted to areas of Marwar region of Rajasthan and Manavar region of Madhya Pradesh.

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How bagh printing is done
Bagh printing is not at all different from a traditional block printing. Like Block printing, bagh printing also involves use of teak woods and dye. The only difference between the traditional block printing and Bagh printing is that bagh printing involves floral and geometrical patterns. On the other hand the traditional block printing involves general designs and patterns.

Bagh printed fabrics
Bagh printed fabrics are mostly famous in the subcontinent regions. It is their soft and comfortable fabric along with beautiful designs that make them one of the most sought-after apparels. These fabrics are so popular that you can even buy the bagh printed fabrics online.

These fabrics are not only used to make fashionable outfits but also other materials like bed covers, cushion covers, table covers, mats and runners. However, this fabric is most commonly used to make ladies suits, sarees, kurtas and dupattas. Another factor that contributes to their high demand is that it uses eco-friendly products. This factor has gained the bagh printed fabrics popularity all over the world.