The Fine Details of Block Print Fabric

They say, “everything changes with time”. It might be correct in aspect but when one considers it from the point of view of love for block print fabrics, this saying surely is misleading. Everything has tasted a change with time but not the love of fashion lovers for block print fabrics. Hand block printed fabrics were earlier also in high demand and they happen to keep repeating the same time after time. 

hand block printed fabic

It is not only that the fashion lovers from India have their fascination for block print fabrics, but there would hardly be any country that has not tasted the block print fashion and that kept on adopting it in one form or the other. It is their elegant designs, novel patterns, and most importantly, the unique look that makes them the most sought after outfit throughout the globe. 

There is hardly any store or online platform that does not deal in hand block printed fabrics. When India is considered a land of diversity, then how come the love for block print fabrics have not faded away despite it being centuries old fashion? The answer again lies in the designs and patterns of these block print dress. One can easily observe that the designs and patterns on these fabrics are polished in the traditions and cultures of India. 

Designs and patterns on the fabrics differ as one traverses through different parts of India. If one starts from the north and move to the west, the method of designing and the background of the design is different. Similarly, designs in eastern India would be widely different from what is practiced in Southern India. 

What are the major pre-requisites of block printing? All you need is teak blocks, colors, and a creative mind. This might sound to be simple. The simple it sounds, the complex it is. Each teak is needed to be carved out in different patterns and then filled with colors. After doing that, the colored teaks are to be impressed very carefully on the fabric. Since this effort requires manual labor, one would see that despite the two fabrics having the same design,  the two would be very different in terms of their caricature. This is what makes the block print fabrics the most fashionable and demanded outfit.