Endless life of Cotton Fabrics

Pure cotton fabric is one of the most fabric amongst the fashion lovers. It is not a new thing. Cotton fabric has been the first preference not only in the present times but for several centuries. Cotton fabric is the first in line where all fashion starts.

Pure cotton fabric is the first choice amongst the fashion industry because it can be worn plain as well as supports various forms of designs on it and that too with ease. 

What is common around the world is the printed cotton fabrics. Demand for pure cotton fabric with printed designs is so high that one can buy these cotton fabrics online easily. Printing on the pure cotton fabric are done with various method, some of which includes:

  • Hand block printing, which is the first and widely used method for printing on the cotton fabrics. This method is also one of the oldest methods of printing on pure cotton fabric. This is the most artistic method amongst the other methods since it gives an elegant design to the cotton fabric however the only drawback of this method is that it is a time consuming process since each block has to be embossed on the pure cotton fabric in a very clinical manner.
  • Next in line is the roller printing method which has its traces in Scotland. Roller printing method is a mechanical process where the fabric passes through machine and inked laden rollers which print designs on cotton fabric.
  • Another famous method is screen printing which is the most commonly used method at present for printing on the fabric. In this method, ink is made into a paste and then printed on the fabric with the help of little gaps in the screen.
  • Next is bleaching is also one of the methods in which fabric is first dyed and then bleached in order to print the design.
  • Stenciling is the way in which stencils are used to print designs onto fabrics.
  • Wax printing is a method which involves using wax to print designs on the dyed cotton fabrics.

Another contributory factor to the immortal high demand of the cotton fabric apart from its design is the fact that these are eco-friendly material and are really soft to the skin. Pure cotton fabrics are fashionable for all sorts of seasons.