Emergence of Ikat Fabric

One thing that every person be it of any age or size or gender loves is fashion. Everyone wants to match their styles with the fashion statements in vogue. Some may like a simple fashion and some may like designs and patterns. When it comes to designs and patterns, one thing is printed fabrics. However, another famous designer fashion is the Ikat or Ikkat. This is a method of fabrics being dyed in different glittering and beautiful colours. of dyeing usually done on silk or cotton fabrics which results in fabric bathed in beautiful and glittered colour patterns.

Ikat Fabrics

Ikat fabrics involve a tiring and exhausting process where the yarns or threads of different fabrics are first dyed up in different colours followed by a process of drying them up. Then these dried threads are separated and combined with different other threads which are dyed up in different colours to make one single fabric. The process seems to resemble the process of Tie and Dye however they are poles apart from each other. In Ikat process, the yarns or the threads are weaved into fabrics at a later stage. The Ikat fabrics have their origins from the state of Odisha and are most popular to make sarees.

If one is to trace the history of the Ikat process, one can find that the Ikat have their origins in India and more prominently in Odisha. Odisha is considered to be the home of Ikat Fabrics.

Ikat Fabrics by the yard

Ikat fabrics are best known for sarees. These fabrics are usually woven to make beautiful designer sarees which are exported all throughout the world. Ikat fabrics are usually made through three types of processes, that being Wrap Ikat or the single ikat, weft ikat and the double ikat.

Ikkat cotton fabrics have had their demand rising manifolds in the past many years. It was first in the 12th century that this technique began to make its mark however it lost its midas touch in between. However, now in the present scenario again the Ikkat fabrics have seen a high demand all throughout the world. Not only in India, but Ikkat has been seeing a high demand from various other countries as well.